Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Here you'll find my Castlevania: Symphony of the Night YouTube videos.

How to start with 85 HPHow to start with 85 HP
Defeating Dracula under 1 minute, without Sub-Weapon to start the game with 85 HP.
Duration: 01:02
Richter's Prologue GlitchRichter's Prologue Glitch
Making Richter get off screen and hiding under Dracula's cloak at the start of the game.
Duration: 01:11
Richter's Dark Spiked RoomRichter's Dark Spiked Room
How to pass by the Catacomb's Dark Spiked Room as Richter Belmont.
Duration: 1:43
Richter SpeedrunRichter Speedrun
Speedrun as Richter Belmont Beating the game in 6:18 minutes from the game start till last hit on Shaft (I think the sound is a little loud...).
Duration: 6:28
Godly AlucardGodly Alucard
Alucard with maxed status, 999 Attack and 100 Defense showing who rules that Castle!
Duration: 6:34