Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Dracula X - Blood Lines

You start the game as Richter Belmont ... Do not take any Sub-Weapon (Holy Cross or Holy Water) if you want to get +5 HP and some extra points of LCK. Climb the ladder and hit the top of the door at the tower's entrance to discover a button. Hit the button and a passage will open from which will descend another ladder. Climb this ladder and you will find some items by smashing the pots, even if it does not help you in any way... Exit the secret room and go straight for the confrontation with Dracula.

Richter: Die monster. You don't belong in this world!
Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by... humans... who wish to pay me tribute.
Richter: Tribute? You steal men's souls, and make them your slaves!
Dracula: Perhaps the same can be said of all religion.
Richter: Your words are as empty as your soul. Mankind ill needs a savior such as you...
Dracula: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!

Kill him without receiving any damage and you'll start with +5 HP other than you receive if you don't get any Sub-Weapon. (for more information on the bonuses you get depending on your performance in killing Dracula, go to the Secrets page).


After the prologue as Richter Belmont, you play as Alucard reaching Castlevania. Alucard has an items inventory (accessed by the 'START' button), from which he can equip various types of weapons and armor found during the game, and he becomes more powerful earning experience as he defeats enemies and find relics that gives him new skills.
Follow straight ahead killing the enemies. When you reach a large room with Mermans leaping off the water and a huge rock in the center, break both sides of the rock forming a sort of tunnel where you will find a Pot roast. I advise you to search every corner of the rooms you arrive to complete the map (accessed by the 'SELECT' button) and increase the percentage of the game. Take the top right exit of the room to a hallway with Wargs. At the end of the hallway is a small ledge you can break to find a Turkey. In the next room, you meet "Death" which will make his receipt in the name of Dracula:

Death: Ah, Alucard! What is your business here?
Alucard: I've come to put an end to this.
Death: Still befriending mortals... I'll not ask you to return to our side. But I demand you cease your attack.
Alucard: I will not.
Death: You shall regret those words.. We will meet again.

After that, Death steals your equipment and get away. Now you should follow unequipped. Enter the next room and go up the stairs. Enter the top exit and you will see a broken bridge. Fall into the hole so that Alucard touch it's left border, and continue holding left. You should reach an intermediate room where you find a 'Heart Max Up' that increases your max heart capacity by 5. Climb the stairs again and go through the hole without falling. Punch the Bone Scimitars in the next room and they will drop two swords: a Red Rust and a Short sword. The Red Rust is longer, however, is cursed: can't attack downwards and its attacks sometimes fails. The Short sword is shorter, but has no other handicap. This room has four exits. The bottom-left and the top-right are blocked, the middle-left one has a 'Save Point' where you can save your progress. To do this, stand in front of the icosahedron and press up. Your HP, MP and status ailments will be fully restored (I do not like to save the game because of that... ). Note that the 'Save Points' are marked in red in the map. Before taking the top-left exit, get the Cube of Zoe relic to materialize items when you destroy the chandeliers of the castle.

Alchemy Laboratory

In this area of the game you will acquire some equipment starting with a Hide cuirass at the end of the first room. Kill the Skeleton, jump over the spears and break the globe to get it. Go to the upper room. To the right of this room, near the 'Save Point', is a small elevator that moves when pressed a button on the platform below. Attack the Blood Skeleton when it is passing over the button. When the skeleton starts to move again, it will release the button and the elevator will go down. When this happens, quickly get up the lift and jump on the platform to the another room where you will find a Basilard. It is a weak and short-range weapon but very fast. That makes many people prefer it to the Short sword. At the bottom left of the elevator room is a kind of stove that keeps the first shield of the game, the Leather shield. After getting the shield, go to the left room where you can find two secret passages, one on the floor, which can be opened with the Short sword holding down/forward and attacking. In it is found a 'Life Max Up' that restores and increases your maximum HP by 5. The other passage is in the left wall where a you find a 'Heart Max Up'. Climb the two rooms taking the left exits (in the second one you find a Resist thunder) and you will arrive a room with a block between spears. "Step" on the buttons in order to remove the spears. Then, push the block to the right and place it on top of were the spears was and push the button again to reactivate the spears. They will lift the block allowing you to climb on the platform where is/was a Spittle Bone, so you can have access to the upper right passage to get the Cloth cape.

If you just follow your path, you will fight Slogra and Gaibon, the area bosses, and if you survive, you will arrive the next area.

Marble Gallery

Just at the start of the area is a fork. I advise you to follow the lower path to get the Spirit Orb relic and a 'HP Max Up' back in Entrance. Arriving there, press the button to remove rock pillar, then perform a jump similar to the previously one falling in the hole holding left to reach an intermediate platform. Then you have to jump to the next room. To do that, move right and jump when you fell that Alucard will fall. If done correctly, you will have the impression that Alucard made the leap in the mid air and you may reach the entrance to the room where the item is. Now you must return to Marble Gallery and follow the other path that leads to the Central Clock where you will meet Maria.

Maria: Wait a moment, You seem human and yet... What do you here?
Alucard: ......... I've come to destroy this castle.
Maria: Then we have the same purpose. I'll trust you for now. I'm Maria. Who are you?
Alucard: Alucard.
Maria: Not the talkative type I can see. Well, perhaps we meet again, if you live that long. Farewell.

After the conversation, following straight ahead, you reach the next location.

Outer Wall

Go to the bottom of the tower first and make what says in Jewel Knuckles and Mirror Cuirass. Then go up, defeat the Doppleganger and get to the top of the tower. When covering the map, you'll find a engine with a lever. Hit the lever to turn on the engine that gives functionality to the lift that you may have seen below. After that, go to the lift and take the Soul of Wolf relic. Use the elevator and go down once, then enter the first red door which leads to...

Long Library

Go straight left till you find the Bronze cuirass, then head to the top-right corner of the area to get the Faerie Scroll relic. This relic allows you to see the name of the enemies you hit. After getting the relic, head to the left to find the Librarian.

Alucard: It's been a long time, old one...
Librarian: Oh It's you, Master Alucard. What do you need?
Alucard: I need your help.
Librarian: Young master. I cannot aid one who opposes the Master.
Alucard: You won't go unrewarded...
Librarian: Really? In that case just tel me what you need.

Buy the Jewel of Open and whatever you need. Go back to Outer Wall, take the elevator again, go up and enter the closest red door. It leads to the first 'Teleport Pad' that alucard can use to get more quickly to anywhere in the castle, but to do this is necessary to have accessed the 'Teleport Pad' of your destination among the 5 scattered through the castle (marked on the map by yellow), except in the first use that the 'Teleport Pad' in Outer Wall (Scorpion) leads to the one in Entrance (Horse), so you can get a 'Heart Max Up'. Press the button to lower the barrier, pick up the item and follow your path to Castle Keep. You can go back to Outer Wall by the 'Teleport Pad' to get the shortcut or continue by the conventional way in Alchemy Laboratory opening the blue door with the Jewel of Open after meeting Maria.

Maria: So we meet again, Alucard.
Alucard: It seems so.
Maria: As friendly as ever, I see. It's strange. This castle is different than I remember it.
Alucard: ......... This castle is a creature of chaos. It may take many incarnations.
Maria: So I can't trust my memories, huh? Oh Well, I'll do my best. Good luck.

If you get the shortcut, You won't find Maria here, but in any case, you will find her again after defeating the Hippogryph.

Maria: Impressive. You're very strong.
Alucard: ......... What is it you want? You didn't come here to tell me that.
Maria: You're right. Do you know the name Richter Belmont?
Alucard: Of the Belmont Clan? Of course, but... (mistaking with Trevor Belmont)
Maria: He disappeared about a year ago and I'm sure he's here. If you see him, please let me know.
Alucard: As you wish, my lady.
Maria: So you do know how to be a gentleman.

Castle Keep

In this area you shall find the Leap Stone. Be sure to explore the 'Teleport Pad' of the area (Lion). After obtaining the relic, go to the Central Clock where you met Maria for the first time. On the way, take a 'Stopwatch' and use it when you arrive to open the upper-right passage. Get up there with the double-jump to get the Alucart equipment, then move into the upper-left passage that opens or closes every minute. It gives you access to Olrox's Quarters where you will come across a room with a Spectral Sword. This room has four exits, of which one (the lower-right) is a hidden passage that can be opened in the wall. The upper-right exit leads to the area 'Teleport Pad' (Goat), and in the future, will provide access to the area boss. The left exit leads to the next area.


Here is where Alucard finds Richter Belmont for the first time.

Alucard: Who are you?!
Richter: Open Hell's gate! Come forth my servants!
Alucard: The scent of your blood... You're a Belmont!
Richter: Crush this flea who invades my castle!

Now you will face Werewolf and Minotaurus. After defeating them, Alucard says: "I'm certain that was a Belmont. So he says he's the lord of this castle...". Ahead you will find the Form of Mist relic wich allows Alucard turn into mist. Before leaving the Colosseum, be sure to press the button that lowers the metal barrier next to the link to Royal Chapel where you find a Knight shield. Now that you can turn into mist, you are able to go through the fences scattered through the castle. Return to Long Library and enter the passage in the platform where a Corpseweed is near the stairway. Into it you'll fight Lesser Demon. Be sure to hit a Mudman at least once before you defeat the boss, so your 'Enemy List' can be completed. After you defeat him, you will have access to the Soul of Bat relic that allows Alucard to turn into bat. After getting the relic, go back to Olrox's Quarters, but this time, take the way that leads to 'Teleport Pad' (goat), and you'll see an opening in the ceiling. Use the form of bat and go up there. You should find the Boss of the area, Olrox. After defeating him you'll find the Echo of Bat relic. Go back to Marble Gallery, enter the blue door and press the button to open the passage to the next area.

Underground Caverns

Enter the purple 'Save Orb' when you find it and Alucard will have a nightmare of when his mother was executed.

Alucard: Mother!!
Lisa: That voice! Alucard, it's you!
Alucard: I'm coming Mother! I'll save you!!
Lisa: No Alucard! Don't come here!
Alucard: But Mother!
Lisa: It's alright! If my death can save others, I gladly surrender my life.
Alucard: Mother! No!... Please! No!...
Lisa: Yes Alucard! Watch me die and remember always my last words to you...
Alucard: Yes Mother...
Lisa: You must despise humans. They are to be your prey.
Alucard: What?!...
Lisa: Better for them to die than to let them compound their sins. Begin by slaying that one over there.
Alucard: No... it wasn't like this...
Lisa: What's wrong? Alucard?
Alucard: My mother never said such a thing...
Lisa: What do you mean!? Kill them and bring them happiness!
Alucard: No! You're not my mother! What kind of demon are you!?
Succubus: You broke free of my spell. I like that.
Alucard: Demon, death is too good for you!
Succubus Come here little boy and show me what you've got.

After defeating Succubus:

Succubus: Darkling! I smell you're blood. You're a vampire... Could it be...
Alucard: .........
Succubus: That strength, that beauty... You're the son of Lord Dracula.
Alucard: Death in the dream world will set your soul wandering for eternity, Demon.

When Alucard wakes up, the Gold Ring will appear. Take the item and go to the room next to the waterfall. Press the button on the wall to make a Skeleton Ape appear next to the wooden bridge. Make him throw his barrel on the bridge to break it opening the passage to...

Abandoned Mine

It's the shortest area in the game, its boss is Cerberos. In a certain place of the area you will find a crossroads. To the left is the area 'Teleport Pad' (Snake) and to the right is a the Demon Card relic that alows you to summon the 'Demon Familiar'. Turn it on the relics menu and go back to the spot where is a button on the wall. The "Demon Familiar" can trigger the button showing a passageway where the Ring of Ares is found and you can break the left wall to open another passage with Peanuts, Barley tea and a Power of Sire. After getting the items, go back to the crossroads and follow the lower path. Take the Combat knife and a Karma Coin to the left in the next fork and follow your path to...


In the dark spiked room use the Echo of Bat (Triangle). Get the Spike Breaker and return to Royal Chapel. In the spiked corridor, Equip your new armor and you may pass by unharmed. At the end of the coridor you'll find Maria.

Maria: So, did you find Richter?
Alucard: I don't know if he's the one you're looking for, but I found a Belmont...
Maria: Really? So he is here!
Alucard: But the one I saw was with the enemy. He was the lord of this castle...
Maria: That can't be true! You're wrong! I... I must go now!

After the conversation you will find the Silver Ring. Equip it along with the Gold Ring at the Central Clock in Marble Gallery and will open the lower passage to the rituals room where you'll find Maria again.

Maria: Alucard?
Alucard: That voice? Maria?
Maria: I'm sorry. You were right. He has joined forces with the enemy...
Alucard: So it was a Belmont after all...
Maria: But someone must be controlling him... Whatever we do, we can't harm Richter.
Alucard: But he must be stopped.
Maria: I know. Take these with you.
Alucard: What are these?
Maria: If you wear these, you can see beyond evil illusions.
Alucard: Thank you. 'Tis best then if you pray for the soul of your friend.

She gave you the Holy glasses. Equip it in the battle against Richter Belmont in the throne room in Castle Keep.

Richter: I've been waiting for you.
Alucard: Answer me! Why is a Belmont planning the resurrection ofCount Dracula?
Richter: Count Dracula rises but once every century and my role is over. If I can resurrect him, then the battle will last for eternity!
Alucard: ......... If those are your true feelings then so be it.

Thanks to the Holy glasses you will be able to see a green sphere floating over Richter's head. Hit it ten times to destroy it, but hit Richter at least once to complete your 'Enemy List'. This can be done without cause him any damage using the Holy sword or the Tyrfing (If your STR is lesser than 31). After destroying the sphere, Shaft will show himself saying: "You've defeated me, but all is not yet lost. The resurrection of Count Dracula is at hand!" and will be displayed a CG movie in which a inverted castle is shown floating on top of the Castle you are.

Richter: No... What have I done...
Maria: Thank you Alucard, for saving Richter.
Richter: Alucard? The same Alucard who fought alongside my ancestor Trevor Belmont?... That was over 300 years ago!
Alucard: No time for small talk. Is the person who controlled you in that castle over there?
Richter: Yes, I think so...
Alucard: Maria, take Richter and leave here. I'll finish this.
Maria: All right... Good luck.

Inverted Castle

Alucard uses a teleporter to the Inverted Castle. Your goal now is to defeat the bosses who keep the five relics that, in addition to increasing your status, provide access to the rituals room where Dracula is being resurrected. At Reverse Clock Tower, Darkwing Bat has the Ring of Vlad, at Anti Chapel, the Medusa has the Heart of Vlad, at Reverse Outer Wall, The Creature has the Tooth of Vlad, at Death Wing's Lair, Akmodan II has the Rib of Vlad. The last relic, Eye of Vlad is at Cave guarded by Death.

Death: So you've made it this far... In the name of your father, cease this foolishness.
Alucard: Not while there is breath in my body.
Death: Then for the Master, I'll feast on your soul this night!

After defeat the Death and have all five treasures, go to the rituals room where you will find Shaft.

Shaft: You have done well in making it this far. I would expect no less from the son of our Master.
Alucard: So you are the one who was controlling Belmont.
Shaft: Yes. I am the dark priest called Shaft. This world must be cleansed in the forge of chaos.
Alucard: Why did you make Belmont lord of this castle?
Shaft: For centuries, vanpire hunters have defeated evil with holy power. But if two vampire hunters were to fight each other...
Alucard: But Belmont's power is supreme among vampire hunters. None other could defeat him.
Shaft: Exactly. That's why I removed him as a threat by make him into lord of this castle.
Alucard: But your plan has failed.
Shaft: Has it indeed? We'll see what happens after I destroy your weak human side.

When shaft is defeated, he uses his last strenght to announce the resurrection of Dracula:

Shaft: Ugh... no!
Alucard: You claim to love the darkness. Go then and dwell there for all eternity!
Shaft: Bu... but my goal is achieved... Count Dracula is come to purify this corrupt world with the searing flames of chaos!
Alucard: Father...
Dracula: Well met, my son! It's been a long time.
Alucard: I was hoping we would not see each other again. I can't allow you to leave here, Father.
Dracula: You have ever been the ally of humans. Have you forgotten what they did to your Mother?
Alucard: Think you I would forget such a thing? No. But neither do I seek revenge against them.
Dracula: Still uttering the same nonsense. No matter. Now is the time to put aside your weak human side and join me in remaking this world!
Alucard: Dracula, in the name of my Mother, I will defeat you again.

When Dracula is defeated...

Alucard: Go back whence you came! Trouble the soul of my Mother no more!
Dracula: How? How is that I have been so defeated?
Alucard: You have been doomed ever since you lost the ability to love.
Dracula: Ah... Sarcasm. 'For what profit is it to a man if he gains the world and loses his own soul'?. Matthew 16:26 I believe.
Alucard: .........
Dracula: Tell me... What... What were Lisa's last words?
Alucard: She said "Do not hate humans. If you cannot live with them, then at least do them no harm. For their's is already a hard lot." She also said to tell you that she would love you for all eternity...
Dracula: Lisa, forgive me. Farewell my son...

At this time is displayed a CG movie showing the castle being dematerialized. It's the end of the game.

Richter: So you made it.
Maria: Alucard! I'm glad you're all right!
Richter: I'm sorry. 'Tis my fault that you had to fight your own father...
Alucard: Fear not. I had my own reasons for destroying him.
Richter: It must have been painful for you.
Alucard: Indeed, but you must always remember that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing...
Richter: I understand.
Maria: Alucard, what will you do now?
Alucard: The blood that flows in my veins is cursed. 'Twould be best for this world if I were to disappear forever.
Maria: ......... I see...
Alucard: Farewell then. We'll not meet again.
Maria: ......... Alucard...
Richter: Don't you want to go after him, Maria?
Maria: ......... I'm sorry... I can't let him disappear from my life.
Richter: It's all right. Go after him. Perhaps you can save his haunted soul.
Maria: Thank you Richter... Fare thee well.
Richter: And yourself, dear lady.